At Manhattan Academy, our goal is to ensure that our students are given everything necessary to succeed in both academics and the real world. We not only instruct our students in their subjects of need, but we also aim to teach the importance of time management, personal responsibility, and accountability.We do this so that our students leave Manhattan Academy better prepared to succeed at whatever they may choose to apply themselves in, than when they first walked in our doors.

  • Program

    MnH Manhattan Academy offers private tutoring on a 1:1/2:1/3:1 or more student to teacher ratio. This allows for maximum efficiency of teaching while keeping the costs of tutoring low for our students.

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  • Why MnH?

    Unlike the majority of prep centers, where students are forced to follow a set curriculum, at MnH Manhattan Academy we tailor our curriculum to each individual student.

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  • Consultation Form

    To contact us, please fill out the form below or call us at 201-886-1184.